My Esprit


        I couldn't tell you where my love of Esprit's developed. It could have been from the James Bond movie but more likely it was from the silver Esprit SE in Pretty Woman, the red SE in If Looks Could Kill or even the pair in Basic Instinct. Even though Lotus has not been the featured car in any movies lately my love for the car did not die down. Perhaps it was from my parents giving me this. (Hot Wheels 1978...the very year I was born!) I've had many opportunities to drive my friend George's Esprit and that fueled my passion for the car. After graduating from college and working for a while, I realized that Esprits weren't so far out of my reach financially. I took some time and searched the internet and happened upon Fox Valley Motorcars in Chicago. They just happened to have a silver 1995 Esprit S4s with 18,222 miles on it. For those that aren't familiar with Lotus (or is that Loti?) this model was the last of the four cylinder single turbo Esprits. The previous owner of this car is an attorney in the Worcester, MA area and had taken pretty good care of it. All repairs seemed to be minor from the service records and from the receipts it did not appear as though he was even thinking of trading the car in. That's exactly what happened, he traded it in on a 2001 Esprit V8 twinturbo. I worked with Tom Kumbera at Fox Valley over the course of a month and by the end of the month, Essie was in my garage! She has been a pleasure to drive, although it does take some adjusting, I find myself not able to resist the urge to get in and drive her around when I have time.

        Someone I know once asked what you do when you already have two of your dream cars in the garage? You drive it of course! There's something about car people though that just aren't content with just driving it. There is of course, always something else. Not necesarily another car, but something that you can do to make your car, well, your own. There is always the sentence, "I think I can get more power out of it! Can you really get more power out of one of the highest output four cylinders motors out there? I'm certainly going to try being the car guy that I am. So, what's done to the Esprit you might ask?

Here's the mods list:

Amsoil Air Filter
Custom Exhaust
John Welch Turbo
Justin Mcaulay Dump Valve
Phoenix Microlite HID Kit
RD Enterprises (Aeroquip) Stainless Steel Clutch Line

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