Wheels & Tires

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Dunlop SP8000 Tires: (ZZZZZ)
      All I have to say is that I would go with these tires over and over again! They grip well and last an extremely long time. I purchased these through Tirerack.com and I won't mention a price here since they are constantly changing.

Yokohama AVS Wheels: (ZZZZZ)
      After all these years, I still love these wheels. They are a bit harder to get ahold of these days, but I believe there are still a few sets out there somewhere. These retailed for about $3,500 from Stillen I believe.

Yokohama AVS Tires: (ZZZZ)
      Excellent grip as well, but this could be because of their size. I run these on the aftermarket rims. While I didn't expect these to last that long due to the low treadwear rating, I've been pleasantly surprised since the only replacements needed were those that had damage occur to them either from running over nails or an exhaust pipe in the wrong place. Given the choice between these or the Dunlops, I really couldn't decide. They have both lasted me equally as long, and they both offer excellent grip in wet or dry conditions. The only things is that the Yoko's give very little audible feedback when you're about to lose it. I would leave the decision up to the price at the time of purchase and personal preference.

Yokohama AVS Sport Tires: (ZZZZZ)
      Much better grip and overall tread life compared to the AVS Intermediates. I'm not sure what Yokohama did, but this tire is a definite improvement over the AVS Intermediates. Wet weather traction is just ok, but in dry conditions these things grip!