JWT Heavy Duty Clutch: (ZZZZ)
      This clutch was a replacement for the Stillen/Clutchmasters 3.5 that I had problems with. These run about $550ish from JWT but I actually purchased mine from United Auto Sales since they had one in stock when I had complete clutch failure. This clutch feels very very good, stock pressure and has held well. I do recommend this clutch. I believe that JWT tests these before they leave his store and are built to his specs by Clutchmasters. (I'm not certain of this though.) It is supposed to have holding power for up to 550 horsepower. I've only had this clutch for about 3000 miles, so I'll have to see how long this lasts. There was one incident I don't like though, and that was after some hard driving, I started getting that clutch smell. It's been an isolated incident and there was no slipping, so hopefully no problems develop out of this.

JUN Chromoly Flywheel: (ZZZZ)
      Excellent piece, felt very solid and definitely worth the money. They are available for about $450 from SGP. This one piece flywheel does make it a bit more difficult to drive; however, after about a week, you get completely used to it. I would recommend either this flywheel or the Stillen flywheel to those who are thinking about doing this mod. The difference between this and the Stillen piece is that this is a one piece flywheel while the Stillen piece is a two piece. This mod is not for everyone though as the driving characteristics change quite a bit. This allowed the engine to rev a bit quicker and allows you to match your revs a bit easier. I had the JUN on my non-turbo while I now have the Stillen on my twinturbo. This mod is best to install when you are having a clutch job done as this will cut down on your labor costs.

Stillen Aluminum Flywheel: (ZZZZ)
      Similar to the JUN flywheel, the Stillen piece does the same thing as the JUN lightened flywheel. It allows the engine to rev a bit quicker and makes it easier to match your revs. This is two piece since the disc itself is made of aluminum while the surface that makes contact with the clutch is a steel plate that is bolted on to the rest of the flywheel. You must be sure that the holes where the bolts holding down the steel plate are deburred so they do not scrape the clutch surface away. Also, if you choose to buy this from Stillen, you must specify which flywheel you want. They do make one in house, which is what I have, and they also sell Mueller flywheels. The Mueller is a bit cheaper than the Stillen, but both are of similar quality.

Stillen/Clutchmaster 3.5 Clutch: (Z)
      I had a problem with this clutch as it was defective from the start. It had a pressure plate problem that would not allow me to shift into gear once it got heated up. This clutch was only on my car for about 1,500 miles before it was yanked. I do have to thank Adam Hume at Stillen for taking care of my defective problem claim. They refunded my money on the clutch as well as paid for the labor within a week of them actually picking up the clutch as well. Apparently Chris who used to be one of the top guys at Clutchmasters left and things went downhill from there. Stillen did not check the clutches like JWT does and just sent them straight out. Apparently, Clutchmasters also did not check the clutch before it left their facilities. I do have to say that I didn't like the way it looked when it was new either. The clutch material looked kind of thin and flimsy. I do have to say that when it was working properly, it held quite well and also had very smooth engagement.

Stillen Short Shifter: (ZZZZZ)
      This is one of those items that you always here people say that it is not necessary and that it doesn't feel as good as the Z's stock shifter. The people saying this is almost always those that DON'T own it. Those that do own it, such as myself, usually love it! This is a must have in my opinion. It makes it a bit harder to shift; however, you get used to it, and it's also a free workout so that driving your Z isn't all just pure fun. It shifts are a lot more solidly. This resembles the shifter on the Lotus Esprit that I have driven and I do not hesitate to recommend this to anyone. I believe the list price is about $400 from Stillen

Stillen Stage I Clutch: (ZZZZ)
      This is the last clutch I had on my N/A. It was able to hold the additional horses that I had over stock and had about the same feel as the stock clutch. I recommend this clutch to N/A owners who have upgraded their car. It is essentially the same price of a stock clutch, will hold more power, and will last longer than a stock clutch. I don't recall the price of this piece anymore, but it is availble from Stillen.