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Apex Multichecker: (ZZZ)
    I believe I was the first to install this in my Z and I paid dearly for it. At the time I purchased this unit, it was still relatively new and cost $440. This was originally installed in my non-turbo, but is now in the TT. It is now available for about $250ish from places such as SGP Racing. It is a good tool for giving you information that is necessary to monitor your car continuously. You get horsepower (actually PS), torque, RPMs, timing, Air/Fuel mixture, airflow, and injector pulse. Having this one gauge saves you from having to add five or six additional gauges in your cockpit. I would say that it was worth the money. When compared to the Techtom MDM-100, I would have to say that I like them both. Although I do not have the Techtom, I have borrowed one for use in my car, and I really would like to have some of the readings that the Techtom offers that the Multichecker does not, but also vice versa. This is a fun little toy to have that doubles as a diagnostic tool at times.

Autometer Boost Gauge: (ZZZZ)
    An aftermarket boost gauge is a must have for any turbo car as it is important to know how much boost you are running. I chose the Autometer over any others because of it's styling, cost, and history. The cost was a very important issue as was the quality. I wanted something relatively cheap, but would last. I started swaying towards Autometer when I heard that VDO gauges (another one that I had considered) had a reputation of failing after a few years. Another example of this is that Porsche gauges are notorious for being inaccurate. The final factor in the decision making was that while I was considering which gauge to go with, I had the opportunity to inspect the Nissan factory race cars and noticed that they used Autometer gauges. The price of this unit was about $45 from Summit Racing though I should note that this doesn't include the price of the additional tubing I had to purchase because the amount that came with the gauge was insufficient.

Blitz Dual Turbo Timer: (ZZZZ)
    A turbo timer is also an important accessory for any turbo car. Turbo timers allows a cars engine to idle even after the key has been removed from the ignition. This allows cooler oil to circulate through the engine and the turbo's. Even though all turbo timers serve the same purpose, I chose to go with the Blitz Dual Turbo Timer because of it's ability to function as a boost gauge with a peak hold feature. While I already have an aftermarket boost gauge, it is not always easy to read the gauge during a spirited drive. The peak hold feature allows me to go back and review my high boost level after the drive. A little insurance that costs about $140 from Stillen, SGP, or

MOMO Master Four Point Harnesses: (ZZZ)
    Definitely not necessary; however, I've grown accustomed to the feeling of being tightly strapped in during my drives. It is a pain to get into when you first install them; however, it becomes almost second nature after about a week. These hold you securely in your seat (when adjusted properly) even during the harshest turns. A caution though, these MUST be properly adjusted in order to protect you during a collision. If these belts are adjusted incorrectly, they can actually cause more harm than good. Proper adjustment include having the lap belt securely across your waist similar to that of a clothing belt. Next, the shoulder straps must be firm against your shoulders with no slack. Finally, it is also very pertinent that you do not mount the shoulder belts at less than 90 degrees because in the event of an accident this could result in the belt pulling you down causing back injuries. Also, it is a good idea to retain your stock belts in a functional position as most female passengers do not like to wear these harnesses. The males, including myself, love the feel of these harnesses. Price: $120 each.

Razo Magnesium Pedals: (ZZZZ)
    Another item that is more looks than functionality most say, but I do recommend aftermarket pedal covers. One thing about the stock rubber pedal pads is that when you step on the with wet feet, your feet will most likely slip. These reduce the slipperiness of the pedals. They also give the bottom half of your interior an exotic car look. These pedals do not actually replace your stock pedal pads, instead, they go right on top of them with the help of brackets and double sided tape. On top of giving your shoes a little better grip on the pedals, they also allow heel-toe driving a lot easier. These are available from Options for about $50.

Stable Energies Harness Bar: (ZZZ)
    The sole purpose of this bar is to have a place for me to mount my four point harnesses. The secondary benefit is that it does add a very slight bit of rigidity to the body as this car connects at the two seat belt bolts on either side of the car. This bar is only good for the later year Z's that do NOT have the seat belts mounted to the door. These are available from I/O Port Racing for $100.

Stillen Carbon Fiber Dash Kit: (ZZZZZ)
    I've always loved carbon least real carbon fiber. I would have all my body panels made out of carbon fiber if I had the money. This material is very strong, yet light. However, since I don't have the money to have all my panels made out of CF, I chose to add a touch of this on just the interior with the SMZ carbon fiber kit. This kit originally sold for $400, but I purchased it from Stillen for $99 when they were trying to get rid of their excess inventory. Actually, they may have even been closing them out. In any event, I lucked out and had the opportunity to purchase this real carbon fiber kit at a fake carbon fiber price.
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