Engine (Non Power Adders

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HKS Super Sequential Blow Off Valves: (ZZZZ)
      Up until my Texas trip this year, I was always the one saying that BOVs are nothing more than expensive noise makers for our cars. I quickly changed my tune after driving Myke Sneath's car though. His car is equipped with old style HKS BOVs and they seemed to help hold the boost a bit more. The response was quicker between shifts and they also do make that cool little sneezing sound! These don't make any power per say, but they do allow to you get back on the boost a bit sooner. While not necessary, I think these are very helpful to twin turbos that are stage three or higher. Watch out though, they will get you in trouble...I always want to boost up just so I can here the blow off! These are available through most parts dealers for about $550, I purchased mine through The 300ZX Store.

Stillen Oil Cooler: (ZZZ)
    When I purchased this unit, I knew that it would not increase my performance at all. What this unit does is that it allows better cooling of the oil with a bigger cooler. The measurement on this unit is 12"W X 5.5" H X 1.5" D and it is HUGE compared to the stock oil cooler! I had to modify the bracket just to make it fit better. I was having problems with the filtercharger rubbing against the unit, but have since set the unit further back in the engine bay. The bracket is the only thing I didn't like about this unit. While the results can't be confirmed since the Z32's do not have a oil temp sensor, I believe that this will help increase the overall engine and turbo life. The unit is available from Stillen and actually have no idea what the list price is.

Stillen Oil Cap: (ZZZ)
    This was just one of those touches I added for looks. The polished oil cap dresses up the engine bay a little bit. They retail for about $50 from Stillen, but be forewarned that the cap does get hot after running the car so it's best you keep a towel or gloves in the car so you can remove the cap to add oil without burning yourself!

Stillen Silicone Boost Hoses: (ZZ)
    These hoses are supposed to be able to withstand the heat that makes stock hoses collapse; however, these are mainly just a decorative touch to your engine bay. The appearance of these aren't the best since they look like four tubes wrapped in red tape. They are actually four layers of silicone and look good, but don't seem to serve a real useful purpose. These will run about $170 from Stillen.