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Stillen Louvered Nose Panel: (ZZZZ)
    Again, this part is purely for looks. The quality is only fair on this fiberglass piece. Not exactly cheap either, they run about $150ish from Stillen but worth it. Gives the front end a subtle touch even if you have only this panel and no other front ground effect piece. I actually have two of these panels. One with open louvers that I run most of the time, and one with closed louvers that I use when the car is going to be exposed to a large amount of water. I have been caught in the rain with the open panel where some say that this will result in the demise of your engine due to hydrolocking. However, I have had no problems even with the open panel in the heaviest of rains. Though, I do recommend that you leave you panel closed and have the body shop paint the louvers black so they appear open just in case.

Stillen Type III (SMZ) Front Fascia: (ZZZZ)
    This piece enhances the look of the front end a little bit more. It brings the bottom portion of the front lip a little more so it is more even to the rest of the front. This high quality urethane part retails for about $250ish from Stillen I believe. This piece is part of the aerokit package that was put on the original SMZs. While it's unnecessary, it does provide a more unique and what I feel is a more favorable to the Z's front end.

Stillen Type III (SMZ) Rear Valance: (ZZZZZ)
    This urethane lower piece goes right over your stock bumper. It is basically held on by double sided tape and pop rivets. I chose to purchase this piece because I've always loved the way a car looks when the lower half of the car wraps around the exhaust pipes. This piece gives the car a slight Italian flair and is actually a lot tougher than it appears. It's taken a small amount of bumps and scrapes and the urethane as well as the paint has held up well. This piece is an excellent compliment to the SMZ wing and single 4" exhaust tips or dual 3" tips. (5" will fit through some, but won't fit in others due to production differences and dual 4" tips definitely do not fit.) This piece runs about $350 from Stillen.

Stillen Type III (SMZ) Wing: (ZZZZZ)
    Still my favorite aftermarket wing for the 300ZXs. I think it goes back to when I saw my first real SMZ and that memory is just burned in my head. Also gives it a slight European exotic look. Unfortunately, your vision is greatly impaired by the addition of this wing so be prepared to see no more than about four car lengths back after this wing has been mounted on your car. I had this wing on both my 2+2 and I purchased another one for my turbo. The 2+2 did not fit right, or was not installed properly and left a slight gap of about 2 cm between the trunk and the wing. On the TT, the wing was installed by a better body shop and it fit perfectly. It's worth paying the extra money to have a shop do it right since the wing itself is about $300 from Stillen.